Guest characters

HI everybody πŸ™‚

So I have been posting these comic pages for a while now and I want to thank you all for your support. I really feel like I have a place to be honest about the situations life throws and my feelings about that.

I have posted many penguins here and this will continue but I feel like I would like to introduce two more of my drawn characters as guest characters:

Down dinosaur- about a dinosaur with a bleak outlook and a lack of motivation (how I feel in addition to the anxiety I also am prescribed anti-depressants)

Prickles- about a hedgehog who is a little “prickly” and sensitive

I was thinking of making one post from each character a week but I know many of you follow me as part of the anxiety disorder community so I wanted to know what you would think before I began.

Please let me know



6 thoughts on “Guest characters

  1. Thank you for the support everyone πŸ™‚ it means a lot! I can let you know you should have the first installments of each guest character this week!!


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