looking for meaning


Someone said to me:

“Just seems that life as we live it in the UK is a pointless churning through various systems, from education to consumerism to the nhs and then we die. We spend 40 years of our life working in a job that maybe makes a difference to someone, and why? Because what else would we do with our 70-80 years on this planet? Everyone is looking for meaning in what they do but all we are doing is passing the time until we die…”

Anyway it got me thinking and now I’m feeling anxious about my own life choices…any input?


7 thoughts on “looking for meaning

  1. I once thought like that.. had brief moments of hopelessness.. then I volunteered my time at a soup kitchen. I found out just how much of a difference I can make. I am here to serve others, make them better; in turn I get better. We don’t live to die… we die because we have lived.

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  2. You aren’t alone. I often feel like life is pretty pointless, struggle to find a meaning to existence. And it does make you question your life choices and regret decisions we made. I don’t have any words of wisdom unfortunately, just know you aren’t alone in those thoughts x

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  3. I have moments of feeling this way but the fact is we do make a difference to people around us but we are all pretty rubbish at telling people what they mean to us and so they have no idea and neither do we. For me it’s about encouraging and being there for people there’s nothing pointless in that.

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