New penguin



I hate doing this every time I meet new people…its so embarrassing and its like I freeze with panic….which I’m sure makes me look rude!


4 thoughts on “New penguin

  1. This picture is so recognizable! Just thinking about social events and doing small talk gives me panic attacks. I’m always so awkward that I forget to listen to what people are actually saying and it makes everything that much worse. However much I hate it though, I got the advice yesterday that I should start practicing small talk techniques. I’m not only bad at it, but I also dislike small talk because I feel it’s very surface level and not genuine. The advise though is that small talk is necessary in order to get to the good stuff, or at least get an initial glimpse into the other person’s personality, which could be helpful down the line. Practice makes perfect, or at least a little less daunting. I was referred this link: Haven’t tried it yet, but I will soon. Maybe it helps you too?

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  2. Totally relate to this… but am getting better over time. I think I put too much pressure on myself on making a “good first impression” and just end up being awkward.

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