Update: Job interview

job interview

Thank you for your support over the weekend. My job interview was terrible. The job I thought I was applying for no longer exists and the one they were interviewing me for sounded awful- pay only on completion of targets and no interest in how I actually work with people. I was anxious all weekend, I had two anxiety attacks despite my medication and had stomach cramps, palpitations and nightmares.

One good thing did come out of the whole ordeal though….I realized how much I actually do enjoy my current job. I get to help people and just because I have been having a blip of feeling pointless doesn’t mean that I am.

What I do is worthwhile and I need to stop thinking negatively about myself.


8 thoughts on “Update: Job interview

  1. Companies who put you through interviews for a job you didn’t even apply to are just plain rude. Don’t they get that you spent a lot of time preparing? Still, you bad it through. And you choose what was best for you. Helping people is such an important part of me liking my job too. It’s the only way I can go home happy at the end of the day, regardless of status or salary.

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  2. I’ve applied for jobs before only for the company to call me and say ‘we don’t need anyone for that job anymore, but we do have another job available …’ – it’s always something with poor pay! As for anxiety in interviews, I’m terrible. It doesn’t matter how much I prepare, I can’t control my nerves.
    One of the best things I think people can do is recognise the goodness within their job. It may not be the best thing in the world, but people who are happy in their jobs tend to be happier all round.

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  3. Sorry about the bad interview, what a crummy thing for them to do. But that you found a silver lining–the good in your current job–that’s fantastic and a reminder to me to look for those in difficult situations.

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